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Interview – Divinity: Original Sin 29 min read

22. September 2016 7 Minimale Lesezeit

Interview – Divinity: Original Sin 29 min read

Starting September 15th, Divinity: Original Sin 2 will be obtainable via Steam Early Access. Not an ordinary sequel, the second installment contains a little bit more of everything. More Coop. More possibilities. We talked with game producer David Walgrave about many things, including new features in Divinity: Original Sin 2, Dampfnudeln and even romantic stuff. And more. More of everything!

Tell us about your Hall of Echos. What can we expect there?

DEATH! PURE DEATH! ETERNAL DARKNESS. The cessation of all life! Your downfall! The omega! The exit, the finish, the End Complete, Oblivion, Total Termination. And, like, dead guys to talk to and stuff.

Modding is a big subject, which was successfully unlocked by a stretch goal. Do you plan to make it accessible right from the start?

We don’t know yet if the toolset will be ready for simultaneous release alongside the finished game.

Divinity Original Sin 2

Crafting was commonly seen as slightly difficult in the predecessor. What did you change to make it more easy to use in Divinity: Original Sin 2?

A nifty UI where you can experiment, and a list of recipes that you discover by experimenting or by reading books or talking to people. Currently in Early Access, there is some light crafting available, but we are still working on new crafting ideas and features. So I can’t really talk about these other things just yet :)

In our opinion a „Dampfnudel“ would make a great feature in the game. It would strengthen all your attributes. We can send you an example on how it would work. In real life.

All your attributes? Isn’t that a bit overpowered? I hope it’s not permanent. I mean, if this Dumbschmurfel would be in our game, how would you feel about a supercool magical weapon that boosts two attributes? Wouldn’t this Schtroumfsprüdel make everything else look bland? If so, should we make him a god and build altars around Rivellon in honour of this new and doughy deity?

Divinity: Original Dampfnudel
Divinity: Original Dampfnudel

And a key ring would also be very cool.

Gotcha. No seriously. Yeah.

Some other games already tried the Game Master Mode and often failed. What are you doing different?

We cannot tell. Let me just say, we approached it from a completely different angle, and when you see it, you’ll probably say: „Well summofabeach.“ Because it’s straightforward and almost logical to do it that way. Suffice it to say that even I believe in it, and I’m that type of producer that was built to be super critical and cynical and pessimistic about everything. Seriously. When it was presented to me in pre-alpha, I already shed a tear because my oldschool roleplaying heart was weeping with joy. That is also why we are so secretive about it: when you see it, it should be perfect so you will blown away, and you should not have to ask, „yes but“ questions.

The Romances in Divinity: Original Sin 2 sound very promising. Will we experience more as the witch or the nymph this time? Will this be only be possible between a NPC and the Player or will it also be possible between players?

As far as I know, romance is between party members only, but to be honest, I am no specialist on the topic.

Divinity Original Sin 2

Maybe even marriage between two players?

I don’t know.

What about housing? Personally we missed this feature. A room we can customize and furnish – or maybe even an entire estate, which the four players can finance and customize. This wasn’t a question. We would even consider paying for this.

This is a Divinity game. If you want a house, just pick one and murder who ever is in it. You can move around most things if you’re strong enough, so you can even make it look like you want it to. We receive screenshots of players that make houses their own like this and that decorate it with trophies and weapons and shields. It’s pretty cool!

Divinity Original Sin 2
Caroline Valdenaire

Caro blickt auf eine abwechslungsreiche Spielekarriere zurück - schließlich darf sie sich schon seit Mitte der 90er ein Zockerweibchen nennen. Am liebsten spielt sie im Team, damit sie dann alle - wie im echten Leben - bemuttern kann. Inzwischen haben es ihr vor allem die Survivalspiele angetan. Bei Gameplane ist sie irgendwie Mädchen für alles, hauptsächlich aber Madame Chefredakteurin.
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