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Preview: The Guild 3 – Guild things come to those who wait6 min read

1. Juni 2016 4 Minimale Lesezeit
Jan Dreeser


Preview: The Guild 3 – Guild things come to those who wait6 min read

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Role Play Convention is more than just a popular hub for cosplayers, it’s becoming more and more of a final rehearsal for us to mentally prepare for gamescom. This time, additionally, we got the chance to lay eyes on gameplay material from the alpha of The Guild 3.


Places, everyone

Europe in the year 1400: The dark middle ages, once dominated by nobles and the clergy, came to an end and a new era begins: the age of free, prospering cities, trading and an open mind-set!

One of the goals in the The Guild series is to create a family dynasty which can last for centuries. While the world around you and your dynasty rearranges itself time and time again – all non-player characters (NPCs) make their own decisions –, you have to prove your skills in artisan craftwork and trading, participate in social occasions and perfect your political schemes and malicious intrigues.

Starting the game we have to choose our dynasty. Male? Female? Name? Physique? We already know about that. But since The Guild 3 is a mix of strategy, economic simulation and life simulation, we’re allowed to further refine our character. Not just regarding voice, hair or clothes, but also our vocation, and if we wish so, our task. Because the makers of The Guild 3 actively opposed the idea of a campaign, this task bascially becomes our life goal. Become rich, become a famous lady-love, a well-known orator, noble, obtain a mansion or become a sovereign. The dark age told you to go big or go home, base goals are for plebs.

Die Gilde 3

To achieve those goals you may choose between taking one of various paths. You can concentrate on economy, take the religious path or completely indulge in roleplaying. The so-called tasks accompany us through the game by giving us quests and are some kind of a mini campaign. Of course you might as well focus enitrely on the sandbox – choosing a task at the beginning of the game is totally optional. Besides your choice of task you may also settle a course for your career choice. For example, you may choose to specialize in craftsmanship, which won’t restrict you later on, since you have the option to specialize in any career you’d like to, thanks to the skill tree.

Incorporating a bit of roleplaying, you’re allowed to define the attributes of your first character. This covers strength, agility, charisma, courtesy and cleverness. You really want to bash stuff? Strength might not be amiss. You’re aiming for social goals? Charisma could help you out. To further enhance those attributes, one can find certain artifacts in game, which also fulfill other functions to easen the burden of your task.

Jan Dreeser

Sprich mich lieber nicht auf The Witcher an. Ich werde dich zwingen, alle acht Bücher zu lesen. Alle. Acht. Denn sie sind das Großartigste, was jemals jemand auf dieser Welt produziert hat. Alle! Acht!
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