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Preview: WWE 2K17 – Welcome to Suplex City5 min read

22. August 2016 3 Minimale Lesezeit
Elham Nizam


Preview: WWE 2K17 – Welcome to Suplex City5 min read

Reading Time: 3 minutes

„We want Brock!“ was one of the requests loudly proclaimed in the trailer of WWE 2K17. Obviously there is no one more suited to grace the cover of the newest addition to the wrestling-franchise than the Beast Incarnate. But if the game proves itself as excellent in a virtual ring as Brock is in real life is a question we are going to solve in the following preview.

Focus on wrestling

First of all, the 2K Brand Director Bryce Yang couldn’t resist to tell people about his new baby and its improvements in the form of a presentation. He pointed out that the focus was mostly on the community’s demand as well as the actual wrestling. This shows in changes for the submission system, taunts and some other elements.

Taunts are now automatically adjusting to the situation you are currently in, meaning that if you are for example taunting the enemy while he is in the ring corner, the resulting animation will fit perfectly to that situation. Furthermore there are now two different kinds of taunts – those aimed at your opponent and those for celebrating with or against the audience. Successful taunting will give you temporary boosts for your momentum.

Elham Nizam

Ich kann mich zwar nicht mehr daran erinnern, bin aber der festen Überzeugung, dass ich mit einem Gamepad auf die Welt gekommen bin. Spiele aller Art begleiten mich schon mein ganzes Leben und werden auch fester Bestandteil bleiben. Games werden von mir nicht nur durch jahrelange, persönliche Erfahrung getestet, sondern auch dank meines Studiums (Games Engineering) systematisch in ihre pixeligen Einzelteile zerlegt.
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