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The Guild 3 – An Interview about the Prequels, Jobs, Mods und Dates6 min read

2. November 2014 3 Minimale Lesezeit

The Guild 3 – An Interview about the Prequels, Jobs, Mods und Dates6 min read

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Thinking of a typical German genre most of us refer to economic simulations. Oldschool ecosim-veterans of course know Die Fugger. Everyone else pricks its ears when hearing the name The Guild, which was released in 2002 as a kind-of-sequel. Now it’s 2014 – the release of The Guild 2 was 8 years ago. A few weeks ago we finally got to know that The Guild 3 is going to be released in 2016. First facts can be found in our extensive gamescom 2014 preview. Now it’s time to dig a little deeper – welcome to our The Guild 3 interview!

Nordic Games - Die Gilde 3Interview with Heinrich Meyer, Producer of Die Gilde 3, working for Nordic Games, who collaborates with the canadian developer GolemLabs to bring us the newest part of the popular ecosim. He was also involved as a designer and author of the previous The Guild games and is a co-founder of RUNEFORGE Game Studios, who also created the fan-favorite spin-off called The Guild 2 – Renaissance.

[dropcap]?[/dropcap]First of all: There are a lot of fans that would like to take a step backwards to the first part of the game and also a lot of fans, that really liked the new features of the second part. Which direction do you want to go, or will there be a mixture of the best features of both parts?

We are well aware that every part of The Guild series has it’s strengths and weaknesses. Therefor we took a closer look on The Guild 1 and The Guild 2 and selected the best features of both. In The Guild 3 you are going to control just one main character – so it will be a mixture of The Guild 1 and The Guild 2. In contrast to The Guild 2, you don’t have to be present with your character to do certain actions – that’s the part where the direction of The Guild 1 comes into play – you can handle a lot of funtions via the HUD.

[dropcap]?[/dropcap]How do you want to convince newbies of your series? Do veterans have to fear a casualisation and therefor a lot of compromises?

As we already stated at gamecom 2014: The Guild 3 will be a „true guild“.

The Guild 3 / Die Gilde 3

[dropcap]?[/dropcap]How does your skill system work? Are we spending skill points or is our character learning by doing things repeatedly?

Your main character earns skill points for his actions, which can be spend within the skill system.

[dropcap]?[/dropcap]Professions have always been a hot topic. Can we choose every profession we like to, or do we have to fullfill certain requirements for a specific profession?

While spending your skill points within the skill system, you will be unlocking special buildings for your profession. For example: if you would spend one skill point into craftsmanship, you will unlock the blacksmith level 1. If you prefer herbalism, you will be running your alchemy cabin level 1. And when death comes to your main character, all your experience and skills will be inherited by your next character.

The Guild 3 / Die Gilde 3

[dropcap]?[/dropcap]Are you thinking of the implementation of varying specialisations for a profession to make a profession more diversified?

There are no specialisations for professions, but for skills. A character focused on combat could specialize himself to duels or to being a bodyguard.

[dropcap]?[/dropcap]Talking about your office system, how complex will it be this time? Will there be different branches like town, country and church?

There will be offices with multiple office holders, who will make their decisions or take measures altogether. But the political system may change depending on the town and the scenario, as many other things do as well.

[dropcap]?[/dropcap]Pretending you are holding the highest office in town after decades of hard work. Will you be able to change the looks of your town? Maybe buy some better streets, to increase the transportation speed of goods?

Some offices will have a direct influence on a town. But i can not tell you yet how far this influence goes.


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