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The Guild 3 – What to expect from Golem Labs‘ new ecosim8 min read

5. September 2014 6 Minimale Lesezeit

The Guild 3 – What to expect from Golem Labs‘ new ecosim8 min read

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When Golem Labs announced their game The Guild 3 will be hitting the shelves the next year, short time before the gamescom 2014 was going to begin, we were pretty sure that it was not just our editor team who was quite baffled und jumping around in joy and excitement. Right before gamescom we had a discussion on which games had earned themselves a worthy sequel, that we have not heard of for a long time. I just said euphorically „The Guild 3“. Some days later we got the news, that work was already in progress. While closing my jaw forcefully, i made an appointment und picked my pens up. I was ready. I don’t want to spoil anything, but: It was worth it!

The Guild 3 Team
No, the developers are no dwarves. I took a stool to cheat a little bit.

When we arrived at Nordic Games‚ booth, we got a nice welcome by The Critter. We stepped into the holy halls of the guild and were really excited about the upcoming interview. We were facing Heinrich Meyer (on the right side), a designer of both prequels and co-founder of RUNEFORGE-Studios, and Jean-René Couture (on the left side), head and designer of Golem Labs, a canadian studio that takes over the development of The Guild 3 in close cooperation with Nordic Games. Golem Labs should know what they are doing with an escosim, because one of their last games, Super Power 2, did not only simulate some corporations of a little medieval town, but all nations of the world. To all of you, who do not know their game and want to have a proof of their quality, check it out on steam, where it is available since april ’14.


Back to the roots

The Guild 3 - Concept ArtFans of the game reacted with a fair amount of reserve on The Guild 2, which was sometimes called a simple expansion to the first part of the series. The Guild 3 is now a completely fresh start. Of course Nordic Games and Golem Labs know the features that are beloved by the fans and are going to build them into their game, but there still will be a new engine to build a new home for their fans and not just to replace some bricks. Whether there will be a discussion on new features, community votes or even little LAN parties to check the present level of development – Golem Labs is really sure of the fact, that the community should be a part of the development process.

The programming of The Guild 3 starts right from the bottom, but the developers take advantage of the already existing Phoenix Engine used for the well known Darksiders series. Surely some tweaking and improvements will be done to the engine. As it comes to the content, they are going to concentrate on reviving the most important parts of the prequels. You should not be forced into the decision whether to focus on your family and leave the business to itself, or to run the business and forget about you family anymore. What is most important to the developers is the balance between both. So your business is going to be run by itself, so you can take care of more important parts of the game.


Family bonds

While talking about family. Certainly this is an element, we all do not want to miss out in The Guild 3. You are going to play your character, marry a wife, send your children into the rough medieval world and finally you are going to die. While doing all those things, you are able to give orders to your family members. For example, you could order your brother to become a politician and use this to your advantage. Your children’s talents are based on their parents. Did you marry a pauper? No problem! Certainly you are able to reach your goals anyway with a certain amount of ambition, but some innate skills will be denied to you. Talents you are going to learn through your professions, will be passed on throughout your dynasty. You want to get rid of your pauper daughter? Just give her to another dynasty and get a „better“ one from your competitors. As you see, interaction with our characters will be a big point in The Guild 3.


Pimp my guild

To change The Guild 3 in connection with your desires, there will be a global editor. With its‘ help you will be able to create new scenarios and even modify the world. As an example you could delete professions, change ranks and add items. The opportunities given by this are nearly infinite. We are really looking forward to seeing what the community is going to create.

The game itself will take place in medieval times, precisely said in the year 1400, but this date may also be changed with the help of the editor. Although there might be euphorical fans that are going play until the year 2000 and beyond: there will be no cars or other modern technologies. Instead there might be new graphic sets that will be delivered through new expansions.

The Guild 3 - Baker
By now, the stand-alone version of The Guild 3 is the only thing that mattes. There are plans to have more than ten professions within the final game, but this number is not set in stone right now, since development process carries on. But one thing is already for sure: the grave digger will be a fixed part of the game, since a lot of fans really like and do not want to miss him.


Longtime motivation

Every player reaches a point within The Guild 3, at which he or she has achieved everything. You have got the most productive corporation, climbed the ranks of society with a lot of money a lot of ambition and have got the best family and so on and so on. Welcome to the endgame. One would have thought like this, but that is not the truth about The Guild 3. Once being the best in everything, you get a lot of new opportunities. For the first time, the game will contain secret societies to woo you. Certainly you have to get their attention first. No freemason wants to have a beggar in their ranks. Their attention depends on your profession and your rank. In addition your way of playing determines who is going to woo you in The Guild 3. You might as well be a part of the thieves guild and get a message from the Illuminati order. As soon as you have discovered all facets of the secret societies, you can change your gaming experience with the help of the editor.

While talking of the thieves guild: for the first time ever, in The Guild 3 the decisions made by the corporation have a direct and visual influence at the town. Placing a thieves guild will cause the surrounding area to become a slum. Just like that, every headquarter has certain effects tied to it and you have to bear the consequences. It is really not certain, if these are just visual changes, or if your consequences really influence the way your story goes. But it might be very interesting, when a well placed thieves guild weakens our competitors.

Furthermore there will be extensions to buidlings. The first concept arts showing these extensions look really promising.

The Guild 3 / Die Gilde 3

Play with me!

While this has been peripheral phenomenon while The Guild was released, new ecosim games have to have a multiplayer mode. Certainly this topic is widely discussed throughout the community, because a lot of problems made a mess out of these modes in earlier releases. Still in The Guild 3 there are plans to give 12-16 players a chance to play against eachother. This may not be the final amount, but it is a kind of guidline to achieve.

Within the multiplayer mode there will be quests. It is not sure till now, what they are going to look like. If there will be the same goals for every player, it might be kind of unfair, because player 1 is areally closer to achieving this goal than player 2. If there will be different goals to achieve, there has to be a certain balance to them. Just the same with players who play in groups. While the multiplayer mode of The Guild 3 will contain an endless sandbox mode (which can be altered with the help of the editor), there will surely be an obligatory singleplayer campaign.


I want to have this!!!1

The Guild 3 is still in pre-production. There is still a lot to discuss and a lot of features to plan. Taking this into consideration, you can count on a release round about 2016. Apart from that, there shall be a closed beta and maybe also an open beta involving fans. Perhaps there might as well be an early access, but that is not for sure.

One thing is for certain: the developers have learned their lessons and do not want to deliver an unfinished game. So: better to wait for a bug-free game. We have great patience, since we know it will pay off. What do you think? Are you excited about The Guild 3?

Caroline Valdenaire

Caro blickt auf eine abwechslungsreiche Spielekarriere zurück - schließlich darf sie sich schon seit Mitte der 90er ein Zockerweibchen nennen. Am liebsten spielt sie im Team, damit sie dann alle - wie im echten Leben - bemuttern kann. Inzwischen haben es ihr vor allem die Survivalspiele angetan. Bei Gameplane ist sie irgendwie Mädchen für alles, hauptsächlich aber Madame Chefredakteurin.


  2. 刘志佳

    OMG!I actually want a Chinese language version!That’s uncomfortable to play a game in English!

  3. Giga

    OMG ! I was dreaming about this game. I am very happy and wish you sacceed in game production. Thanks !!!

  4. Lars Inge

    Always loved the guild 2 even with all the bugs. Ive many times in the past googled and searched on youtube for any word of the guild 3 before i finally gave up. To now see it come to life is a dream come through and ive never anthisapated a game like this before. Cant wait to play it:)

  5. Howard, of dynasty Homan

    I acquired the Europe 1400 game while living in Germany and later had to find an english language patch. I liked the game so much I became a repetitive winner at even the harder levels. The Hardest would still see me in the debtors prison about 50% of the time...and I Loved that! It was a challenge every time for me. I was deployed when this game was in Online version The Guild2 and sadly did not hear of that until the online service was closed. Just like another game I still enjoy (knights of Honor) I await this game with a great anticipation. I would be guaranteed to play this as a beta tester because now I am Army retired and won't be drug away to situations and locations of no internet! Please email me as soon as something is released for play!! This game is too long in coming while I still see Europa Universalis chugging along. (which I played but got bored after 1 and 2 seemed so limited on what you could really do. The Guild has a lot better diversity even for beginners, who are willing to take risks and even established players can fail! No other game I have seen besides Rome Total War has used the chance for you to play and "restart" as a descendant who must prove they deserve the heritage from your earlier successes. I Love that part far more than some game that has restarting rounds with everyone at zero.

  6. 12051

    wow! 2016! anyway, I hope they get a better AI to run the business for me. I am still playing Europa 1400 but I am constrained by the number of businesses I can manage myself; two maybe three as long as the production chain remains simple. Getting maximum profits from one business requires most of my attention and then I have to prepare th enext generation as well, so even though I have insane amounts of money, I can't really expand. The only option then is to have a bunch of money lenders who basically run themselves. I also hope they remove the zodiac BS; i don't think anyone will miss it. PS: please make it available on GOG; I prefer GOG to Steam because for some reason, when I run a game from Steam, my PC makes a lot of noise, while if I run the same game from a DVD (or ISO), my PC remains quiet. Why does running a game from Steam require so much power from my machine?

  7. Marcel Matz

    Marcel Matz

    Ich bin Feuer und Flamme wenn ich an die Gilde 3 denke :)

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